Dress Code in Any Occasion

In dressing, you need to know your body shape first before wearing clothes in order to be more mean and respected by other people. Dressing does not always mean you have to show off something from you. You may also dress in a way that you can be a positive person to look at or to be with.

Here is how you can dress yourself in any occasion:

Office work and business hour

Men and women have to look formal and presentable by dressing themselves with blazer (not necessary for men and women), blouse(necessary for women and polo or long sleeve for men), necktie for men, slacks and shoes. The shoes must be appropriate with your grooming. Men should never wear rubber shoes with their slacks and polo. It is inappropriate for women to be wearing plunging necklines and shown legs. Men should use socks covering the lowest of their legs so that when pants lifts, hairy legs should not be shown.


For women, dresses that look elegant and stylish are good to show off. Be careful to watch for clothes that suits your body shape. Men may also look casual during the party but not for royal party. Usually men look gorgeous in their necktie, polo and long sleeve.


Women should not appear too sexy; this will intimidate the partner during the first time of dating. It is better to appear conservative. Believe it or not, men will like it when you appear simple in the way you dress yourself. Casual garments will do. It is the same with men; do not appear too professional because this will make a woman feel uneasy. You can dress up with anything if you are couple of co-hab.


Unlike party, wedding happens once in a lifetime. So men and women should be dressed up the most elegant than any other time. Women should not hesitate to use fantastic and elegant wedding dress. Tuxedo is the most common dress of men in their wedding. It is important to use garments matching your bride’s dress.