15 beauty hacks that every girl should know

Have you ever experienced an embarrassing moment in your life where you just want to disappear from the people’s sight? Most people also experience this and it is not good to remember. But when the time passes it gets better and you come to forget it unless one of your friends knows it and brings it up all the time. For prevention or caution, let us learn today beauty hacks that you can learn to avoid mishaps.

In this video are some simple tips that can help you with some beauty hacks so you can have more time doing other things and not just spending it in repeating things like putting on nail polish that easily comes off even just for days. The tip given for that is to use a nail polish with rubber coat as it lasts much longer. One of the most common mishaps that happen is that your lipstick can stick into your teeth and it is not good to see. For a good tip use a spoon to remove excess of lipstick rather than using your finger as it is less messy.

If you have dark circles then you can use soymilk to whiten it up. Just put some soy milk on a cotton pad and dab it in your eyes. Let it sit for some time then learn hoe to use cad. Most of the hack is for individual users and not for commercial uses as many companies have already produced products about it.