Featuring the 10 deadliest fashion trends in history

It is nice to look back at the fashion trends that happened in history. History has its own uniqueness that would allow you to be interested and want to know about something. As history is also crucial to understanding the current situation of human society today. History is very rich in coverage but for this article, we will focus on some fashion trends that they enjoyed and practiced before. It is said to be deadliest or dangerous as it pose threat to the life of a person.

As technology did not yet as advanced as now, many of the fashion trends are invented. Surprisingly, they have many m,manners and etiquette to follow also. If you see in the video, one of the beauty techniques that they used before is dying the hair with radium to provide a radiant glow to the hair. It is not that safe as the radium that they use can be deadly. They even use it also in their nails to attain same glow of the hair. They just repeatedly used the radium and as time passes, the glow appears.

One of the well known trend is the Chinese style and tradition to bind the foot so as to have a small foot on each side. The goal of this procedure is to achieve a foot with the length of only three inches. If you want to know, then you can see the link of the video in this article and you can be able to watch and listen again.