Formal Dressing: Men’s Style

Parties, celebrations, weddings, etc are great times to spend with, but choosing a proper suit is somewhat stressful. What to wear? What color combination is good? How should I groom myself? These concerns are probably popping on your mind and troubling you. Now, however, it is not a big deal anymore. Let me give you some tips guys on how to groom yourself using formal suit.

Color combination is essential to do when dressing. This does not apply only to formal clothing but also to casual type. Black suit is universal and it has been usually used during occasions for a very long time. There are other colors that you can pair to make variations so that you will not always wear black suit. Navy blue and white colors are incredibly perfect. You can use both for formal and casual. Example would be a navy blue blazer and pants, and a white shirt. Another thing is the combination of maroon and grey. In fact, this is very famous in the UK. You see almost men wearing this kind of combination in their daily suits. When it comes to color combination, it does not always mean the color of your suit. It can be as well your accessories such as the tie, watch and so on.

Men look awesome in this style. Half inch of your shirt cuff should peak below the jacket sleeves or blazer. Make sure to always tuck the shirt collar into the lapel of the blazer. Your shoes must also match your tie in order to coordinate and to balance. Big bulky shoes make you look like a dope so choose what fits you. The tie’s length should reach the belt and button only the top most button of the blazer.

For more adorable look, never wear dress shirts untucked as they are too long. Also, avoid shirts with big bold logos and big baggy pants. Big pants actually make you look short. Furthermore, the gig line of the shirt should be aligned with the belt buckle and with the front scene of the trouser.

Most of all, be yourself and be confident. Beautiful ladies are out there!