Traditional Dressing vs Modern Dressing

As the wisdom of people are going higher and the technology is reaching its peak, we can say that mindset of people are also being modernized seeing everything being modernized and industrialized. Like this, form head to toe, people had a gradual change in their lifestyle. Dressing is something that is seen in a person. We make impression when seeing person’s dressing style. There are many dressing style that people have around the world but there is not much different. Traditional dressing and the modern day dressing.

Traditional Dressing

In every nation, people have their own traditional dresses that represent their country, dignity and modesty. Seeing the traditional dresses kept even to this very day, we can see how people value modesty of men and women. Most of the nations possess a garment that covers the whole body. China, Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Namibia, Bhutan and many more places. However, it is seen that these traditional dresses are vanishing and not payed attention to as the modern garments emerged.

Modern Dressing

This modern dressing is in contrast with the traditional dressing. If the traditional garments cover the body, modern dresses expose the body. Weather is also another factor that affects how people dress in this age. However, Indians, Arabians are different. No matter how there places are, they still use the traditional garments that are imposed by laws. It is not important for people. It is therefore concluded that wearing modest clothes or not is up to us.